Contract Management

Contracts made easier.

Instantly speed up your process, improve productivity, and grow your business with a contract management platform that adapts to you.

Secure & Cloud-Based

Ensure safe, scalable, hassle-free agreements. IntelAgree is a contract management platform that’s easy to use and integrates seamlessly with your existing tools and processes.

Smart & Searchable

Find what you need, right when you need it. Simply upload documents for our platform to digitize and summarize—your agreements and the ones on client paper.

Fast & Automated

How long does your process take, from verbal agreement to signature? We’ll speed it up: our contract management software uses workflow automation to get your team to “yes” faster with fewer redlines.

Powerful & Configurable

IntelAgree’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology is the next big thing. The platform learns what matters to your team and evolves with every click to continuously boost productivity.

Decades of experience. Proven track record.

IntelAgree was developed by CoLabs, a forward-thinking team with decades of combined experience creating scalable software solutions.

AgileThought is a full-service custom software consulting firm, staffed by the absolute best professionals in the business. AgileThought’s mission is to fundamentally change the way people, organizations and companies view, approach and deliver software products. From developing custom solutions to providing expert guidance on cloud and mobile strategies through improving overall business agility, AgileThought has been a trusted partner to Fortune 1000 companies since 2004.

Veredus is an Information Technology Staffing firm.  It was started in Tampa, FL and quickly grew to 12 offices nationwide.  It employed as many as 1,000 people and had revenues of over $100 million.  Veredus was sold in December of 2014 to Hays, PLC.

eStaff365 is a cloud-based solution that automates and streamlines the onboarding process for the staffing industry. eStaff365 enables staffing firms to start billing faster, while reducing compliance costs and risks. This highly configurable solution includes: electronic onboarding with secure digital signatures; I9 with E-Verify integration; all state and federal forms; and a flexible PDF forms engine to support any agency documents or client documents. eStaff365 was sold to Boston-based Erecruit in October 2014.

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