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A contract management platform for your whole team.


Imagine a world where legal contract reviews took 30 minutes (as opposed to four hours) and a database search took less than five minutes instead of a day and a half. It’s possible! With IntelAgree, your team can eliminate the bottlenecks, increase efficiency, and feel confident your legal contract management is compliant and up to date.


Every C-suite leadership team wants the same thing: to know that their team is effective and efficient. And they want the metrics to back it up. Inside IntelAgree, your C-suite can get the custom reporting and personalized updates they need to stay in the loop and reduce unnecessary noise.


Sales teams move fast, and we get that. They want to get things right for their company and their clients. Enter IntelAgree. When they’re on the same page as leadership and legal, everyone’s happy. Compliant, up-to-date agreements from the outset means fewer redlines, and notifications keep the sales team moving through the contract process.

IntelAgree understands your industry.


Staffing firms deal with crazy amounts of paper on a daily basis. That’s why smart, efficient contract management software is a game-changer. From MSAs to SOWs and work orders, IntelAgree makes it easier to sign, search, and store staffing contracts.

Transportation and Logistics

There’s a ton of variability inside each and every transportation contract. And that can mean hours of tedious, repetitive work. IntelAgree’s contract creation wizard and approval workflow helps teams quickly produce contracts and get them signed faster, too.

Facilities Management

In the facilities management world, every contract has a million different factors. They’re long, and they’re being amended all the time. Using IntelAgree’s custom and industry-specific contract machine learning models, everyone on the team can quickly and easily extract what they’re responsible for, check compliance, and review changes seamlessly.



Technology contracts can be tough: the subject matter is complicated, and the structure is complex. Think intellectual property and indemnification. Thanks to IntelAgree’s machine learning and contract negotiation tools like the Word Plugin and Clause Library, tech teams can turn contracts around faster and with more confidence. And a stronger, clearer contract is always a win-win.

Professional Sports

Picture this: it’s game day and a sponsor has questions about their agreement. Sound chaotic? It was, before IntelAgree. Now, on-site users can access contract details immediately–no file cabinets or “let me get back to you” required. And for bonus points, electronic signatures and the paperless environment majorly speed up their whole contract process.

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