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Dashboards + Your Agreements. Finally.

, , , | August 22, 2018 | By | 2 min read

We’ve all heard the saying knowledge is power. But in the modern business world, when every little bit of data can be tracked and quantified, it’s probably more accurate to say organized knowledge is power. Effective workers need some way to view their key performance indicators in real time. That way they know how to spend their resources on any given day. Enter customized dashboards.

The customizable contract management dashboard is a visual tool that allows users to see relevant data and critical metrics at a glance. Dashboards synthesize and arrange significant information from across your company into an easily consumable format. But they’re also powerful enough to analyze historical data and conceptual trends. That means whether you’re rushing to a Monday morning meeting with coffee in hand or checking your team’s progress midday, you’ll be able to make data-driven management decisions with confidence and speed.

At IntelAgree, we believe well-designed dashboards can make teams more effective and more efficient. Especially when it comes to contract lifecycle management (CLM). And that’s why we’ve built robust and customizable contract management dashboards that relate to your agreements—and what each member of your team needs to know about them—to make our contract management software even more useful to you and your business.

It’s time to save time on your contract management workflow

Time is precious for any company, and internal reporting between departments can take up a lot of it. Traditional paper reports are expensive and time-consuming. Even spreadsheet-based reporting solutions often rely on manual input, which means that data is bound to have a few occasional mistakes. It’s easy for even the strongest teams to fall behind.

That’s why IntelAgree tackles this problem head on. IntelAgree’s contract management dashboard reporting is dynamic and real-time, and it’s generated from contract and template details that have already been digitized and extracted using the platform’s robust technology. That’s right: you get accurate, foolproof data and your team doesn’t waste time painstakingly entering (or searching for) every detail under the sun.

This means various teams at your business don’t need to spend as much time communicating internally; they can instead focus on accomplishing the tasks that need to get done in order to close another contract. And just what are those tasks? Depends on the team and the role, right? IntelAgree dashboards can help you keep track.

Customizable contract management dashboard for optimum effectiveness

Good dashboards allow users to cut through the clutter and drill down to the most relevant data. With the right data, decision-making is less stressful and much more precise.

But we know that not every person needs to see the same data. It’s safe to say that a CTO doesn’t need the same information as an entry-level analyst. That’s why we have made our dashboards completely customizable for an unlimited number of users — so that everyone at your company can see exactly what they need in order to do their jobs well.

This can look however you would like, and it all depends on how you choose to set it up! For some employees, knowing when contracts are getting close to expiration might be the most important view. For others, it might be key to understand exactly how many days it takes to close deals, and whether those numbers are improving or slowing down. Or maybe another team needs to see patterns of most-revised or rejected clauses inside your agreements. Along those same lines, some team members may need an easy way to see which agreements contain non-standard terms—and what those terms are. In all of those cases, IntelAgree makes it easy to set up a dashboard view that works for every member of your team—so they have actionable insights upon every login.

Informed decisions across your business

You’ve already got this for so many of your other processes. Maybe you use dashboards inside your CLM or your financial system. So, why not agreements? They’re a crucial part of your business.

We’ve found that when a business is able to see the right information in a dynamic dashboard view, internal transparency and staff unity becomes the norm, not the exception. Everyone can be on the same page about current KPIs, or spot the issues that need to be addressed. Managers are able to allocate workers to the jobs that clearly need extra manpower. Teams can see clear precedents for negotiations they’re working on without sending every question up the food chain. Everyone gets concise, information-rich displays that offer real insights to all, not just rote data meant for a few.

The best part about the dashboards is that they’re the window into the rest of the platform. With a few clicks, any user can go deeper than their dashboard view to a far more granular IntelAgree report. There, they’ll find even more detail and history about what they need.

Meant to help YOU streamline your contract process

Our goal is to use technology to make legal agreements between companies a seamless and smooth process. And part of doing that is making sure internal communication at your company is a breeze. We’ve created our customizable contract dashboards to help your workflow and to help you unlock IntelAgree’s full potential. Reach out today to learn more—we’d love to hear from you!