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For Attorneys.

Spend more time with your clients and less time sifting through antiquated paperwork with a single contract management solution that does it all.

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Getting Started

Create, locate, and review contracts in just a few swift clicks.

Transform your legal and contract management operations process with machine learning technology that intuits your needs. Streamline the busywork you're tired of doing so you can spend more time meeting the needs of your clients. 

Get more out of your contract management software.

Create, search, and archive contracts with IntelAgree’s simple integration technology and a full tool kit of customization capabilities.

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Total Visibility

Store and manage contracts in a searchable repository, complete with contract summaries and custom dashboards for easy monitoring.

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Machine Learning

Identify, extract, and analyze key terms and clauses to speed up the contract negotiation process.

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Faster Workflow

Leverage automated approval workflows that send notifications to the next party and provide visibility into what stage your contract is in.

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Self-Service Contracting

Generate your own contracts quickly with standardized templates and preapproved legal terms.

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Add-Ins & Extensions

Use our Word, Outlook, and Chrome add-ins and extensions to quickly create, negotiate, and search for new versions of your contracts.

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Cloud Scalability

Our Azure-based solution not only meets SOC 2 compliance requirements but also supports secure and regular software releases.

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Regulate Compliance.

Stay ahead of the game with a contract management tool that makes it easier to maintain compliance with regulations at the regional, national, and international level. 


Collaborate Simply.

Piece together even the most complex contracts easily with our robust clause library. In just a few clicks, you can add or bookmark your favorite clauses, monitor version control, and alert key parties about any and all changes. 

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Optimize Data.

Collect, aggregate, and process data with clarity and precision. With the right data at your fingertips, including terms and obligations, you have the power—and time—to discover new opportunities to grow and optimize your services. 


Our software takes you further. 

You're pulled in a million different directions throughout the workday. With the help of IntelAgree's AI-based technology, you can synthesize your data and get more done in less time. 

Centralized Repository

Create a single, searchable contract repository for all your contracts, both locally and from one region to the next. 

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Risk Management

Prevent noncompliance issues, such as missing an obligation, payment, or signature, with required approvals and expert reviews on new contracts and new versions.

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Task Delegation

Save time and energy by divvying up lower-risk tasks to nonlegal team members and simplifying contract types so you're freed up for more strategic, expensive tasks.

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Reminder Notifications

Keep up with the status of ongoing contracts—no matter how busy your day gets. Get notified when a contract is up for renewal or new terms need to be negotiated.

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Clause Library

Expedite the time it takes you to create new contracts with the help of the Clause Library in the Microsoft Word add-in.


Search Filters

Get quick access to your contracts when you need them most. Search across parties, contract types, and status as well as specific terms within the contract.

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"IntelAgree exceeded our expectations with their 'white-glove' customer service and implementation team."

Kris Wiebeck, Baldwin Risk Partners

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