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Welcome to IntelAgree’s Trust Center.

We deliver contract management software you can trust. Compliance. Privacy. Security.

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We're Committed to Compliance. 

As a GDPR-compliant data processor, we process contract data on behalf of the data controller. We comply with many international, regional, and industry-specific data processor compliance standards, including:


We Comply with Regulations.

Thanks to best-in-class security, we keep our platform safe and secure for users like you. We'll work with you to make sure you're up to date with the latest processor compliance standards—and that our subprocessors follow suit—so your data stays protected, no matter what stage of the contract management process you're in.

We've got you covered with data processor compliance standards for every scenario.

Keep Your Data Protected

Multilayered Protection

We protect your data and employ security frameworks across multiple standards, including the ISO 27000 family of standards, NIST 800, and others.

Proactive Cybersecurity

We use advanced analytics, machine learning, and the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph to pinpoint potential cyberattacks.

Data Storage

Azure Storage is a cloud-based storage solution with role-based access control, client-side encryption, and detailed analytics to track user authentication.

Network Security

Azure provides a robust set of safeguards, including network access control, name resolution, threat detection, and DDoS protection.

Network Access Control

Azure supports several types of network access control, including network layer control, route control, forced tunneling, and virtual network security appliances.

On-Premise and Remote Monitoring

With Azure tools, we get a unified view of security across all on-premises, cloud, and hybrid workloads to ensure compliance with security standards.

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We have the highest privacy standards.

We take your privacy seriously at every stage of the contract lifecycle. That’s why we work closely with our subprocesses to uphold the same level of privacy standards from contract creation through data analysis.

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