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For Finance. Optimized.

Negotiate more profitable terms and stop unnecessary spending with complete contract visibility.

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Regain financial control with centralized, searchable contracts.

When you manage multiple contracts, it's hard to juggle obligations, payment dates, and renewals. With IntelAree's automatic reminders and searchable repository, it's easy to protect the deals that drive the most revenue—and renegotiate the ones that don’t.

One solution, endless efficiency.

From self-service contract creation to automated approval workflows, IntelAgree is the end-to-end contract management solution built to boost your bottom line.

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Accelerated Approvals

Route the right contract to the right parties at the right time with assigned permissions and automatic alerts.

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Self-Service Contracting

Empower your team to create contracts on their own with standardized templates and legal-approved terms.

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Machine Learning

Identify, extract, and analyze key terms and clauses to speed up the contract negotiation process.

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Cloud Scalability

Our Azure-based solution not only meets SOC 2 compliance requirements but also supports secure and regular software releases.

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Total Visibility

Store and manage contracts in a searchable repository, complete with contract summaries and custom dashboards for easy monitoring.

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Add-Ins & Extensions

Use our Word, Outlook, and Chrome add-ins and extensions to quickly create, negotiate, and search new versions of contracts.

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Improve Cash Flow.

Get paid faster by visualizing and managing cash flow more efficiently. With IntelAgree, you can manage all of your contracts in one place and easily see which contracts have late fees, opportunities to negotiate shorter payment terms, and more.


Minimize Financial Risks.

Manage all of your contracts with confidence. Use IntelAgree's simple reporting and customizable dashboards to monitor spend, pinpoint compliance risks, and share insights with auditors and stakeholders.


Schedule Automatic Reminders.

Never miss a renewal or expiry date again. Set automatic alerts and be notified when key dates are approaching, so you can stop auto-renewing services you don't need and continue the ones you do.

Unlock the financial value hidden in your contracts.

Reduce financial risks, automate approvals, and focus on what matters most: driving revenue for your business. 

Risk Management

Create safeguards for your company's bottom line. Get notified of upcoming expiries, renewals, and other key dates to prevent costly gaps in service.
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Clause Library

Speed up negotiations and draft better contracts with the clause library in our Microsoft Word add-in.


Centralized Repository

Store all of your contracts in a single, searchable contract repository and get the insights you need, instantly. 
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Simple Tracking

Know where every contract is throughout its lifecycle, whether it's awaiting approval, stalled, or ready for signature.
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Search Filters

Search by parties, contract types, status, or keyword terms to analyze and compare contracts, or export data for reporting.
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Reminder Notifications

Shift from reactive to proactive contract management with automatic alerts for workflow changes, upcoming milestones, and more.
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"With IntelAgree, we can upload contracts into the platform and see which contracts are expiring and who the acquisition prospect is contracting with."

Joseph Nullmeyer, Mitchell Martin, Inc.

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