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G2 Fall 2023 Report: IntelAgree named Enterprise Americas Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) High Performer

, , , | September 19, 2023 | By |
G2 Fall 2023 Report: IntelAgree named Enterprise Americas Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) High Performer


Fall brings cooler temperatures, football season, and, for IntelAgree — new recognition from G2.

This season, we are proud to receive seven new badges, including the Mid-Market Americas Contract Analytics "High Performer," Enterprise Americas Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) "High Performer," Americas Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) "High Performer," and Americas Contract Management "High Performer." These badges reflect our exceptional performance in the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Contract Management, and Contract Analytics spaces, catering to businesses of varying sizes, from mid-market enterprises to large corporations.

New Badges: 

  1. Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Easiest Setup
  2. Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Best Meets Requirements 
  3. Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Easiest Admin 
  4. Mid-Market Americas Contract Analytics High Performer
  5. Enterprise Americas Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) High Performer 
  6. Americas Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) High Performer 
  7. Americas Contract Management High Performer 

Additional Fall 2023 Badges: 

  1. Contract Analytics High Performer 
  2. Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) High Performer
  3. Contract Management High Performer
  4. Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) High Performer
  5. Enterprise Contract Management High Performer
  6. Mid-Market Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Easiest To Do Business With 
  7. Users Love Us 

We received the Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) "Best Meets Requirements" badge, showcasing our comprehensive approach to address the complex needs of enterprise organizations. Our end-to-end contract management solution empowers all teams to efficiently and confidently manage and execute deals. We also received recognition for "Easiest Admin," highlighting our intuitive user interface and ongoing customer support. 

The Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) "Easiest Setup" badge was given to us for our streamlined implementation and setup processes. For all organizations, a smooth transition to a new CLM system is essential, and this recognition highlights our commitment to simplifying the complexities often associated with adopting new software. Our platform prides itself on being user-friendly and offers critical onboarding and support resources, empowering users to integrate and benefit from IntelAgree seamlessly.

Finally, we were awarded the Mid-Market Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) "Easiest To Do Business With" badge. This badge reflects our dedication to providing a contract management solution that fosters collaboration and our commitment to providing top-tier customer service from day one of implementation. 

What is G2: 

G2, the world's largest and most reputable software marketplace, offers a comprehensive platform for businesses to discover and compare software solutions across diverse industries. With over 80 million annual users, including those from Fortune 500 companies, G2 empowers individuals and organizations to make informed software choices by leveraging authentic peer reviews. Every recognition on G2 is rooted in unbiased feedback from genuine users and data sourced from online platforms and social networks.

Thank You to Our Customers: 

Here at IntelAgree, we're committed to helping teams do less busy work and more impactful work, and our customers motivate us daily to achieve this goal. Your unwavering support, invaluable feedback, and trust in IntelAgree have been instrumental in shaping our growth and achievements. 

Your insights, needs, and experiences inspire us to enhance our product and strive for excellence continually. We would not be in the place we are today without each one of our customers. These badges are a testament to the partnership we share with our customers, and we thank you for being the cornerstone of our success.

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