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G2 Summer 2023 Report: IntelAgree Named Enterprise Contract Management “High Performer"

, , , | June 16, 2023 | By |
G2 Summer 2023 Report IntelAgree Named Enterprise CLM Contract Management High Performer


Summer brings warmer weather, longer days, and, for IntelAgree, 10 badges from G2: this season, we take great pride in receiving recognition in the Contract Analytics, Contract Management, and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) space. Our product empowers teams in every industry to do less busy work and more impactful work by optimizing the contracting process. 

New Badges:

  • Contract Analytics “Best Meets Requirements” 
  • Enterprise Contract Management High Performer 

Additional Summer 2023 G2 Badges:

  1. Contract Analytics Best Support 
  2. Contract Analytics “Easiest To Do Business With”
  3. Contract Analytics “Best Meets Requirements” 
  4. Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) High Performer 
  5. Contract Management High Performer 
  6. Contract Analytics High Performer 
  7. Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) High Performer 
  8. Enterprise Contract Management High Performer 
  9. Mid-Market Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) “Easiest To Do Business With” 
  10. Users Love Us

What is G2?

G2 is the world's largest and most trusted software marketplace. Each year, over 80 million people, including employees at all Fortune 500 companies, rely on G2 to make informed software decisions based on authentic peer reviews. Software and services companies of all sizes, like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoom, and Adobe, partner with G2 to enhance their reputation, manage software spending, and grow their business.

Behind the Badges: Why G2 Recognized IntelAgree

For the eighth season in a row, we have been honored with the title of “High Performer” in G2's reports. This recognition stems from the exceptional satisfaction rating we receive from our users. We proudly serve customers across various industries and of all sizes, helping them effectively manage their contracts.

We understand that every business is unique and has specific needs. That's where we excel. This season, for the first time ever, we proudly earned the "Best Meets Requirements" badge in Contract Analytics. This badge exemplifies our commitment to delivering what we promise to our customers:a comprehensive platform with industry disrupting AI that helps you efficiently and confidently manage and execute deals. 

Our dedication begins from day one of implementation and continues even after going live. We strive to provide consistent, top-tier customer service throughout the entire process. Our recognition as "Best Support" in Contract Analytics validates our customer-centric approach. We don't just sell a product; we foster partnerships. Through regular updates and a user-friendly platform, we empower all teams to optimize their contract management processes, from creation to signature.

A Thank You to Our Customers

To our incredible partners and customers, we thank you. We recognize that our success is a direct result of your support. Your constant motivation pushes us to continuously enhance our product and provide the best possible support to all our customers.

At IntelAgree, we eagerly look forward to our ongoing journey of innovation and excellence, driven by the needs and aspirations of our valued customers. Together, let's optimize the contracting process and redefine industry standards.

Want to see why we were named “Best Meets Requirements” in Contract Analytics? Check out all of our reviews on G2.