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IntelAgree University: Your Path to CLM Platform Proficiency

, , | March 22, 2023 | By | 2 min read
IntelAgree University: Unlock the Full Value of Your CLM Platform

Let's face it — implementing new CLM software feels intimidating. From learning new terminology to familiarizing yourself with features, it takes time to acclimate.

That's why we launched IntelAgree University: a learning management system designed to get you up to speed with our platform, at your own pace. 

Featuring bite-sized videos, PDF guides, and more, IntelAgree University makes it easy for newcomers to jump into implementation confidently and for current users to stay updated on new releases. 

Here's how.


Access Content in One Convenient Location

Consider IntelAgree University's dashboard as the ultimate navigation hub for your learning experience. 

Here, you can explore our extensive course catalog, resume a course you've already started, and see a complete list of the courses you enrolled in — all in just a few clicks. 

All release notes and videos are also stored here so you can stay informed about updates, plus there are PDF guides under documentation if that’s your preferred way of learning. Need help with something specific? You can access the customer support portal directly from the dashboard to inquire about open tickets, submit a new request, read troubleshooting articles, and more. 

You'll also find links directing you to external content, such as upcoming user conferences and our blog, as well as featured courses pinned to the bottom of the dashboard.



Simplify Concepts with Digestible Videos

IntelAgree University breaks down critical CLM topics, like the concept of “Organizations” and how to divvy up permissions, so it’s easy for users of all levels to learn.

With short, easy-to-follow videos followed by quick quizzes, you can explore and master concepts in your own time  — from foundational basics all the way to advanced levels, depending on the level of proficiency you need for your business. Our organized curriculums make it easy for you to explore a topic in depth, and completing a curriculum will earn you a badge to signify your proficiency in that area.

Plus, fresh content is added monthly so you're always learning something new and deepening your understanding of how IntelAgree works.



Personalize Your Learning Experience

Whether you're new to IntelAgree or just need a refresher, you have the power to pick and choose which courses work best for you.

From the actions menu on the right-hand side of the IntelAgree University dashboard, click "Transcript" for a full overview of your course progress, completed courses, and competencies earned. 

As you gain more knowledge and complete courses, your earned badges will be added directly to your profile. We're also working on a certification process that will allow you to become certified administrators or content managers by completing different competency levels — so stay tuned for more updates.


Four CLM Platform Benefits of Using IntelAgree University

  • Accelerate Implementation. With IntelAgree University's courses, you'll become well-versed in key concepts prior to discovery meetings so, together, we can make these sessions more productive. When you're equipped with a better understanding of how IntelAgree works and what terminology to use when discussing features with us, we can spend more time collaborating on the best way to configure your system instead of rehashing the basics.
  • Ease Change Management. As your company expands and evolves, IntelAgree University is an excellent resource for getting new team members up to speed. Its comprehensive, modular program makes it easy for new hires to access training relevant to their role and for experienced members to have quick reference materials at hand — no more sitting through multiple in-person sessions or rummaging through recordings.
  • Maximize IntelAgree's Value. Enrolling in IntelAgree University courses is the key to unlocking a world of powerful contract management. Not only can you expedite your discovery phase, but mastering IntelAgree means that no functionality goes unused and every feature has an opportunity for maximum value. Plus, as new features are released, you can stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements and start brainstorming how to use them in your own organization. 


Getting Started

Whether you're a novice user or a seasoned IntelAgree expert, IntelAgree University benefits everyone. 

Even better news? 25 complimentary seats are included with each IntelAgree subscription. 

To enroll, reach out to our customer success team — your customer success manager will send you a personalized link so you can enroll and see everything that IntelAgree University has to offer.