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Bullhorn Accelerates Contract Approvals with Automated Workflows.


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"IntelAgree is configured to work exactly the way we need it to, whether it's searching for contract terms, submitting contract requests, tracking approvals for auditing purposes, etc. There's one single source of truth for our contracts now, which is hugely beneficial from a visibility perspective."

- Randy Gleason, Assistant General Counsel, Bullhorn



Headquartered in Boston, Bullhorn is the global leader in software for the staffing industry. More than 10,000 companies — ranging from startups to the world's largest enterprises — rely on Bullhorn's cloud-based software to find and place talent, manage pay, and deliver a seamless experience for candidates and clients alike.

Key Results.


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Implemented 10 contract templates

Created 100 users in the system

Migrated ~2,200 vendor contracts


With over 20 years serving the staffing industry, Bullhorn understands the pressure that companies face with placing the right talent, in the right roles, at the right time. 

That's why speed and agility are two of Bullhorn's core values, and in turn, why Bullhorn's Assistant General Counsel, Randy Gleason, chose IntelAgree as its contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform of record: he saw an opportunity to reduce time-to-contract with streamlined workflows, standardized templates, and automated approvals.

Bullhorn's CLM platform before IntelAgree was clunky, cumbersome, and lacked the functionality the team needed to manage contracts seamlessly from beginning to end. But now, with IntelAgree, Bullhorn has a new self-service capability and can manage a larger volume of contract requests in less time.





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Switching from an inflexible CLM tool to IntelAgree's robust, configurable platform

Standardizing forms and defining processes to ensure contract consistency

Automating approvals to eliminate bottlenecks and accelerate contract lifecycle


Redefining Contract Processes During Implementation

For Bullhorn’s legal and contract operations teams, implementing IntelAgree was an opportunity to reimagine contract workflows and learn best practices for approvals, templates, and contract organization.

"We relied on IntelAgree to help define our processes because they had a lot of great insight based on previous customer experiences," said Gleason. "We had weekly calls — sometimes more than once a week — to navigate whichever phase of the implementation we were in, whether it was attributes, templates, or approvals. The implementation process corresponded with the lifecycle of documents in IntelAgree, which taught us how the technology works and how we can map our processes to the technology."

Standardized, Self-Service Contracting 

Together, IntelAgree and Bullhorn created 10 full contract templates and built smart forms with legal-approved thresholds to streamline contract requests. 

"We really looked at IntelAgree as an opportunity to standardize our processes and not reinvent the wheel every time we get a request, whether it's an internal, customer, partner, or vendor request," said Gleason. "We wanted to make it easier for people to fulfill requests with very little involvement from us. Now, instead of emailing the legal department and asking for an NDA, for example, users can generate it on their own through IntelAgree."

And, unlike with Bullhorn’s previous system, IntelAgree’s templates and workflows are easy to tweak.

“Once a template or workflow was set up in our previous system, it was pretty much set in stone,” said Gleason. “If you wanted to adjust it, you needed to submit a support ticket. In IntelAgree, though, it’s very simple to update a template and roll it out without people having to search for it, ask where it is, or ask us to send it to them.”

Faster Approvals, Full Visibility

For Bullhorn, automating approvals and building more defined processes didn’t just save time, but also provided contract visibility at scale.

“Before, we didn’t have an efficient way to oversee contracts,” said Gleason. “Now, I can easily see what everyone’s working on — I can immediately see how many contracts we have in the queue, how many are set for approval, how many are awaiting signature, etc.”

And with automated approvals, Gleason is confident that contracts are routed to the right stakeholders, every time. 

“Automating approvals was a huge benefit for us, because we’re no longer going back-and-forth via email or having to chase people down,” said Gleason. “Now, based on the information that’s submitted in the smart forms — whether it’s spend, personal data processing, etc. — contracts are immediately routed to key approvers in each department.”

One Enterprise Solution for Seamless, End-to-End Contracting

In addition to standardized templates, flexible workflow creation, artificial intelligence analysis of contractual terms, and automated approvals, IntelAgree's centralized repository, clause library, and powerful search functionality enable Bullhorn to manage the entire contract lifecycle in one system. Plus, in the future, Bullhorn will use IntelAgree's machine learning capabilities to conduct due diligence and identify adverse terms for mergers and acquisitions. 

"IntelAgree is configured to work exactly the way we need it to, whether it's searching for contract terms, submitting contract requests, tracking approvals for auditing purposes, etc.,” said Gleason. “There's one single source of truth for our contracts now, which is hugely beneficial from a visibility perspective."

IntelAgree’s always-evolving feature library — coupled with its flexible configuration — have exceeded expectations.

“I think what surprised me the most, in terms of the technology, is all the features that are available,” said Gleason. “IntelAgree has empowered us to move our contract processes from a very archaic, decentralized system into a centralized platform with much greater control.”

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