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IntelAgree Named an Initial Launch Partner for Workday's New AI Marketplace.

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 IntelAgree, an AI-based contract lifecycle management platform, today announced that it will be featured as a contract lifecycle management (CLM) partner on Workday's new AI Marketplace. The Workday AI Marketplace was announced at the annual Workday Rising Conference on September 27, 2023.

The Workday AI Marketplace is a curated online marketplace of proven, trustworthy, and responsible AI and ML apps within the Workday ecosystem. It brings the best of Workday AI and solutions from third-party partners together in one place, making it easier for companies to find trustworthy AI solutions that meet Workday's AI standards and values.

"We are incredibly excited to introduce the Workday AI Marketplace as a centralized place where Workday customers can find cutting edge AI and ML apps that they know they can trust," said Sayan Chakraborty, co-President, Workday. "Our early adopter partners are building some of the most innovative solutions on the market today – and they're doing it in a way that is aligned with our Workday's Responsible AI principles. Together with these partners, and many more partners to come, we're making it easy for our customers to future-proof their businesses."

As an AI-based platform, IntelAgree uses machine learning to identify, extract, and analyze text in agreements, turning static contracts into searchable business assets. With AI integrated directly into its system architecture, IntelAgree enables industry-specific use cases and trained models to understand contract language nuances better, resulting in a more precise and effective AI system.

Offering 100+ pre-built machine learning models and the ability to create custom models, IntelAgree helps teams easily identify general commercial terms, compliance terms, and more. IntelAgree's clients, for instance, have built over 2,000 models independently without involving a data scientist – empowering them to extract and analyze the key terms that matter most while cutting contract review time in half.

As a key Workday Access Partner, IntelAgree offers mutual customers improved efficiency and enhanced compliance. This partnership accelerates the contract creation process, allowing users to return to Workday faster. Through integration, Workday's customer instance is updated with important contract details like effective dates, payment terms, and contract values – all powered by machine learning within IntelAgree.

"We are thrilled to be featured as a contract lifecycle management partner for Workday's new AI Marketplace," said David Hull, CEO of IntelAgree. "IntelAgree's native AI and upcoming generative AI features perfectly complement Workday's ecosystem, making contracts more accessible and actionable than ever before. This partnership is a testament to Workday and IntelAgree's shared vision of leveraging AI to fill critical gaps in business operations."

For more information about Workday's AI Marketplace, visit To learn more about IntelAgree's partnership with Workday, visit


About IntelAgree: IntelAgree is an AI-powered contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform that helps legal teams do impactful work, not busy work. The platform uses machine learning to identify, extract, and analyze text in agreements, making contract analytics more accessible. IntelAgree also uses intelligent automation to optimize every part of the contracting process, so teams can create, negotiate, sign, manage, and analyze contracts faster.


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