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IntelAgree Recognized as an Advanced Solution in Contract Lifecycle Management by Hyperion Research.

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IntelAgree, an AI-based contract lifecycle management platform, today announced that it has been recognized as an Advanced Solution in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) by Hyperion Research. This recognition is part of the latest Hyperion Research MarketView™ Report for Contract Lifecycle Management for Legal, released on October 12, 2023.


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Hyperion's MarketView™ Report on Contract Lifecycle Management for Legal delivers a comprehensive examination of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Contract Analytics (CA) solutions, catering to the needs of corporate legal departments. This report provides valuable insights into the evolving legal tech and procurement market.

The 2023 MarketView™ Report for Contract Lifecycle Management for Legal represents the culmination of extensive primary research, involving more than 1,000 hours of in-depth analysis. The report categorizes vendors into three distinct categories:

  • Market Participant
  • Market Notable
  • Advanced Solution

All Advanced Solutions undergo further evaluation known as the VendorView™ Evaluation. This evaluation rates vendors in nine key areas, covering product capabilities and their standing in the marketplace. Hyperion's VendorView™ Evaluation also offers expert perspectives on each vendor's performance and unique attributes.

IntelAgree has been honored to be named an Advanced Solution, signifying outstanding product functionality, comprehensive solution capabilities, and strong record of client satisfaction. IntelAgree's consistent delivery of valuable enhancements, experienced leadership, and financial stability have set it apart as a leader in the legal tech landscape.

IntelAgree's exceptional performance has been further recognized in the VendorView™ Evaluation, with the following distinctions:

  • Market Leader (ML): White Glove Service – IntelAgree is commended for providing highly responsive customer service, delivering quick resolutions, exceptional listening, and ensuring that every client feels like a strategic partner.
  • Market Leader (ML): Customer Empowerment – IntelAgree's self-serve, transparent, and accessible product empowers users to customize the solution for a wide range of business use cases.
  • Highly Innovative (I): Historical Negotiation Insights – IntelAgree's Word add-in's "search similar" option offers users valuable insights into previous courses of action on similar contract clauses.

For more information about Hyperion's 2023 MarketView™ Report for Contract Lifecycle Management for Legal, visit MARKETVIEW™: CONTRACT LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT FOR LEGAL - Hyperion Global Partners (

About Hyperion Research:
Hyperion's MarketView™ program serves as the definitive analyst-based resource for legal solutions market intelligence and advice. With more than 1,000 hours of analyst research, benchmarking, client interviews, and vendor briefings, this 2023 MarketView™ report provides an invaluable resource for corporate law departments to understand the leading trends in CLM and CA software, including the value propositions of these technologies and practical guidance on preparing for the contract technology journey. 

About IntelAgree:
IntelAgree is an AI-powered contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform that helps teams do impactful work, not busy work. The platform uses machine learning to identify, extract, and analyze text in agreements, making contract analytics more accessible. IntelAgree also uses intelligent automation to optimize every part of the contracting process, so teams can create, negotiate, sign, manage, and analyze contracts faster.

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/