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We empower legal teams to do impactful work, not busy work.

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Get more out of your contract management software.

With the help of our searchable repository, you can access complete contract summaries and view custom dashboards so you're always up to date and in the loop about the status of your contracts. 

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Total Visibility

Store and manage contracts in a searchable repository, complete with contract summaries and custom dashboards for easy monitoring.

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Machine Learning

Identify, extract, and analyze key terms and clauses to speed up the contract negotiation process.

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Faster Workflow

Leverage automated approval workflows that send notifications to the next party and provide visibility into what stage your contract is in.

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Self-Service Contracting

Generate your own contracts quickly with standardized templates and preapproved legal terms.

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Add-Ins & Extensions

Use our Word, Outlook, and Chrome add-ins and extensions to quickly create, negotiate, and search new versions of contracts.

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Cloud Scalability

Our Azure-based solution not only meets SOC 2 compliance requirements but also supports secure and regular software updates.

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We empower legal and nonlegal teams to take control of their contract management with simple software that streamlines contract creation, organization, and archives. 

Legal & Contract Operations

Manage contracts with clients at every stage of the negotiations process, from initial drafting through final submission. 

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Streamline efficiency while maintaining the flow of regular daily operations.

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Close deals faster with simple, streamlined contract creation. 

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Cut costs and minimize delays with software that improves your entire contracting process.

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Regain financial control with centralized, searchable contracts.

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