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A Contract Management Software You Can Trust. 


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We'll show you how IntelAgree helps legal teams boost compliance and improve security while automating the most costly, painful parts of the contracting process. 

During your free 45-minute demo, we'll cover how to:

  • Speed up negotiations with automated approval workflows and a clause library.
  • Improve productivity with add-ins and extensions for Word, Outlook, and Chrome.
  • Instantly locate key terms, clauses, and obligations within and across all contracts.
  • Minimize bottlenecks and monitor contract workflows with custom dashboards.
  • Quickly generate contracts with smart forms and custom, legal-approved templates. 

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Get more out of your contract management software.

Create, search, and archive contracts with IntelAgree’s simple integration technology and full tool kit of customization capabilities.

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Total Visibility

Store and manage contracts in a searchable repository, complete with contract summaries and custom dashboards for easy monitoring.

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Machine Learning

Identify, extract, and analyze key terms and clauses to speed up the contract negotiation process.

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Faster Workflow

Complete and search for ongoing contracts, and create new contracts with the help of our contract creation wizard.

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Intelligent Automation

Know where every contract is throughout the lifecycle: Awaiting approvals, to active negotiations, stalled, or awaiting signatures.

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Add-Ins & Extensions

Use our Word, Outlook, and Chrome add-ins and extensions to quickly create, negotiate, and search new versions of contracts.

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Cloud Scalability

Our Azure-based solution not only meets SOC 2 compliance requirements but also supports secure and regular software updates.

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