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What's New: Gain More Control with Granular Permissions

, , , , | March 21, 2024 | By |

Knowing who has access to which contracts, and when, is crucial for maintaining security, ensuring compliance, and fostering efficiency in your organization.

That's why we're thrilled to introduce our newest upgrade: granular permissions. 

Beginning its gradual rollout on February 19, it's the old permissions framework you're already familiar with, but upgraded with the customization, precision, and control you've been looking for.

Let's take a closer look:


What's New With Granular Permissions?
The granular permissions update allows you to assign permissions not only by Organization, but also by Legal Entity and Contract Type. 

If a member of your team is solely managing master service agreements (MSAs), for instance, you can now set it up so that they will only have permissions for that specific Contract Type. This more granular approach to permission management means you can segment users based on their function, roles, and the contracts they manage, providing a more secure and efficient system.


With our permissions upgrade, you can also easily configure a default permission setup for a user.  Want to grant full access? Just select “Select All” and hit update. Prefer a more granular approach? Select your options, hit update, and your preferences will be applied to any permissions selected moving forward.


Need to change permissions? No problem. Edit a user's default permission setup, make your changes, and you can override any previous selections. If someone's role or team changes, updating their permissions is as simple as a few clicks. 

Finally, permission presets have also been updated to granular permissions. You can now create presets that house all of your granular selections, making it easier to apply the same settings to multiple users.



Why Did We Upgrade Permissions?
Our goal is to empower you to maintain tight control over your contract management processes. This new feature allows you to segment permissions so people only see what they need to see. Plus, it's a great tool for larger clients with many Organizations and Legal Entities, helping them maintain governance and security. 

We also understand that roles can change and this often leads to issues with user permissions. With our new feature, updating permissions when someone changes teams or roles can all be managed in one place.


What's Coming Up?
Aside from granular permissions, we've got some exciting features lined up for 2024:

  • Custom Executive Summary: This feature will allow you to use your own paper for the executive summary. Want your own logo or branding on there? You'll have that option. Plus, you'll be able to decide what's important to summarize without having to show every attribute that's available.
  • Multiple Parent Contract Types for Child Contract Type: This feature will enable you to have a single child contract type —  e.g., COI — for every parent contract type, eliminating the need for a separate child contract type tied to each parent.


Wrapping Up

As always, we're committed to improving your contract management experience. This new permissions upgrade is just one of the ways we're making it easier for you to manage your contracts and teams. 

Have questions about how this new feature can save time and provide a more controlled, segmented approach to permissions management? Check out our courses on IntelAgree University.