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How Triple Crown Consulting is Gaining 3x More Contract Efficiency


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"Thanks to IntelAgree’s machine learning models and contract creation wizard, our staff generates contracts three times faster. The less time our staff has to spend filling out a contract, the more time they have to attract new business and delight our clients."

- Martin Lopez, Project Manager, Triple Crown Consulting​



Founded in 2004, Triple Crown Consulting is a leading staffing firm that serves the technology, consumer electronics, avionics, aerospace, cable, telecom, and automotive industries. Triple Crown Consulting works with businesses ranging from the Fortune 500 to startups. The firm is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has offices in Costa Mesa and San Jose, California; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina; and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Key Results.


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3x faster contract creation, saving 40+ hours in just 3 months

Enhancing contract accuracy and reducing risk exposure

Improving contract visibility with IntelAgree's native Bullhorn integration

Increasing transparency and efficiency with automated approval workflows

Scaling contract execution with unlimited eSignatures


In the fast-paced world of staffing, time is money. So when Triple Crown Consulting (Triple Crown) saw an opportunity to free up more time for its legal, sales, and recruiting teams, it decided to overhaul its manual contract management process.

Before IntelAgree, Triple Crown’s 85+ sales and recruiting staff used emails, conference calls, and an eSignature platform to execute 500-600 agreements annually. The contract management process was disjointed and often impeded contract workflow: Employees had to find the right contract template, fill in blank fields, seek approvals via email or conference calls, make multiple rounds of revisions, execute via e-signature platform, and then determine where to store the executed version.

Without a central repository, contracts were physically and digitally scattered. Staff saved executed versions to folders or stored paper copies in filing cabinets. This disorganization impaired contract visibility and delayed deals because staff had to hunt down agreements across six office locations. To overcome these hurdles, Triple Crown selected IntelAgree for its scalability, user friendliness, and because it’s the only contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform with a native Bullhorn integration.





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Contract management drained the sales and recruiting teams' productivity

Manual, error-prone contract creation process increased risk exposure

Existing eSignature process was unscalable and not user friendly

Fragmented and siloed contract approvals delayed contract cycles

Post-execution processes were delayed because it was difficult to find contracts


Streamlining user adoption with a hands-on implementation experience

The IntelAgree team collaborated with Triple Crown to conduct discovery sessions, markup and migrate 80+ master contracts, configure 14 templates, and conduct multiple training sessions. For project managers Rachel Brownfield and Martin Lopez, the implementation experience far exceeded their expectations. “The IntelAgree team worked diligently to migrate our agreements into the system and get us up and running by our timelines,” said Brownfield.

In addition to conducting seven training sessions, the IntelAgree team implemented a “train the trainer” approach to prepare Triple Crown’s power users for a smooth rollout. Brownfield said, “Most vendors we work with offer only one training session and that’s it. The IntelAgree team conducted as many training sessions as we needed to ensure a seamless adoption. That’s what sets IntelAgree apart from the others.”

Saving 40+ hours in just three months with the Contract Wizard

Today, Triple Crown’s sales and recruiting teams are creating new drafts with speed, confidence, and contract efficiency. “Now, our salespeople and recruiters just have to answer questions via the Contract Wizard and boom—they can deliver a draft with the right information. They don’t have to scroll through complex legal language or worry if they’re using the wrong templates or outdated language because the Wizard takes cares of it,” said Lopez.

Three months past go-live, Triple Crown’s sales and recruiting teams saved 40+ hours in their contract creation process. That’s the equivalent of a full-time employee’s work week. Lopez said, “In our industry, 10 minutes can be the difference between one of our recruiters making a placement or a competitor beating us to it. Every 10 to 15 minutes we can save is absolutely critical for our recruiting and sales staff. The less time they spend sending agreements, the more time they can spend attracting new business.”

But sales and recruiting aren’t the only teams reaping contract efficiency benefits. Triple Crown’s legal team also has more control and oversight over the contract management process. “Our general counsel doesn’t need to spend extra time reviewing standard agreements or go back and forth via email. IntelAgree has freed up time for her to work on more pressing matters,” said Brownfield.

Contract accuracy has improved, as well. “Our staff would often spend two or three cycles drafting an agreement, but now, they’re getting it right the first time because the Contract Wizard simplifies the process. We’re not making as many errors because the process is clearer,” said Brownfield.

Driving contract efficiency with IntelAgree’s native Bullhorn integration

As an early adopter of IntelAgree’s native Bullhorn integration, Triple Crown is leveraging the efficient CLM functionality to provide contract visibility for its recruiting and sales teams. “I’m a big fan of the Bullhorn integration. Our staff doesn’t have to track down paper or ask around to see if there’s a contract in place with a company. They can see that information and access contracts directly from Bullhorn,” said Lopez. This year, Triple Crown will extend the integration use case to create and populate contracts with pre-negotiated terms from Bullhorn. Upon contract execution, final terms will flow back to Bullhorn in real-time, thus enhancing post-execution visibility.

Increasing transparency with automated approval workflows

While using IntelAgree’s approval workflows, the Triple Crown team has a more efficient and transparent approval process. Sales and recruiting staff no longer rely on email or screensharing with approvers to get a contract out the door. “The approval workflows are really beneficial, especially during this COVID-19 period where we’re all working from home. Now if I need my manager’s approval, I just hit ‘send for approval,’ and I don’t have to track them down. Prior to using IntelAgree’s approval workflows, this would’ve been a huge pain point for us,” said Lopez.

Scaling contract execution with unlimited eSignatures

Lastly, with IntelAgree’s unlimited users and eSignatures, contract execution is more scalable and streamlined. Now, the sales and recruiting teams are using the contract efficiency of IntelAgree instead of their previous eSignature platform for contract execution. Brownfield said, “IntelAgree has sped up everything, from getting a signature to getting the contractor into our back-end payroll system and giving them more time to complete their pre-onboarding paperwork. That’s been a transformative workflow change and improvement for us.”

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